Are you struggling mentally, emotionally or physically with workplace bullying and harassment?  


Wanting to be confident, successful, abundant and powerful in the most efficient way?

If yes, I have created a program "Reclaim Your Power: Heal the Pain of Workplace Bullying and Harassment" ™ - it is a series of  important inner and outer career and self-confidence restoration steps program that every woman or men who's experienced workplace bullying and harassment needs to apply to release any past trauma or post-traumatic stress from the incident or lawsuit, get out of her or his own way and get back to creating or re-creating the career and life of her or his dreams in record time.  

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Now, then let me share what brought me here today.


Early in my career when I was working as a trained biologist and ecotoxicologist, I was bullied and harassed by men and women. This maltreatment across various companies included verbal abuse such as being berated by raging managers and colleagues. There were times where I was constantly picked on and blamed for problems caused by different people. I was regularly threatened with losing my job, and was humiliated in front of my colleagues. My opinions, views, and voice were ignored, and I was on the receiving end of unreasonable, impossible, or simply unmanageable workloads and deadlines.


I was robbed of my joy and negative self-image, self-doubt, and low self-esteem were prevalent in my world. I began having serious anxiety which led to an inability to concentrate, depression, and suicidal thoughts that eventually escalated to severe panic attacks and hospitalization. I was so overwhelmed mentally that my body began to break down. I could not eat without excruciating pain in my stomach. I was the picture of skin on bones. Just the thought of going back to the workplace made me sick to my stomach. At this point, I did not like myself or my life anymore.


So, I sought therapy, healed from the pain and finally ended up taking classes to become a therapist myself.


The defining moment in my life came when I lost my high paying, high stress job. Even though I was shocked, it was a big wake-up call that forced me to undergo a deep examination of my life and my true purpose. I was no longer a victim but a victor; I saw this not as a loss but a lesson and an OPPORTUNITY to l leverage my training as a therapist, my experiences of being bullied and harassed, and my amazing recovery and subsequent success to do what brings me great fulfillment.


Since that day, I have dedicated my life to helping women who are struggling with these debilitating workplace issues. I know the absolute isolation a person can feel, the self-doubt that consume that person, and the desire to disappear.


 So, still suffering from emotional pain in the workplace? Wanting to learn tips and techniques that will facilitate healing and gaining the clarity and confidence to live a happy and successful life!


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Love and light!

Anne Desroches, B.Sc, M.Sc. 

Transformation Coach




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