Véronique Paulet, Montréal, Qc, Canada


In the past year, I was in a very toxic relationship with a close member of my family. This person could be described as a narcissist pervert. He never respected my boundaries. He lied and gaslighted me to manipulate, control and take advantage of me in some way, shape or form. He never listened to or cared about my feelings. He berated, demeaned, and harassed me on a constant basis.   He reacted intensely to any form of criticism.  As a result, I felt totally rejected. I had no rights to disagree with him. I felt wrong all the time, and not able to believe in myself anymore.  


I was destroyed emotionally by someone that I loved and cherished. He was someone I was looking up too.  And within seconds, I was totally destroyed by his verbal violence.  My brain went into a shutdown. I just wanted to escape but physically he did not want to let me go.   I felt overpowered by him and emotionally devastated.  For months, I was on the verge of a deep depression. I had a hard time sleeping and had lost weight.  I was impacting my husband and kids life.  I wanted to get away as soon as possible from that emotional pain.


I went to see Anne, and she helped me into releasing negative blocks in myself. I had to see her explaining how I felt. We worked on it and within three sessions, I came out thinking that I was more than enough, I am no longer afraid to speak up my mind to people and to challenge them! There is no more feeling of insecurity. I am now able to set up healthy boundaries and do not let anyone step on me or manipulate me.  I am now standing in my own power and in my truth. I am happy and having a really good time. I would highly recommend Anne if you are looking for shifting your life for the best!

Thank You!





Devika Kundaje, Singapor

Anne is an amazing healer! She is highly intuitive, really kind, friendly, warm and has a great sense of humor. When I first approached her, I had block related to self-love, relationships and issues about standing in my power. After working with her regularly and using all the tools, she has helped me identify the root cause of my block and help me tackle them beautifully. We have been working with each other for almost 3 months now, and I can confidently say that I am now happy, self-assured and my relationships are harmonious. I would highly recommend her!


Véronique Paulet

Devika Kundaje

Natasha Brailey, England

Had a great reading from Anne Desroches last Friday. It was very accurate and highlighted a few things I need to be concentrating on. Since then I feel as if I have been automatically letting go of stuff and it made me realize that when we connect energetically during a reading, this is what is happening. The act of connection causes our energy to shift and release what is ready to go.


Thank you Anne it was great to meet you xxx


Natasha Brailey

Sabrina Antou, France


Anne was very good at pinpointing the area of my life that I needed to heal. Her energy is very soothing and she did a great job at putting me in touch with my super powerful self. She helped me remove some old self-destructive patterns I had in business and my approach to my work. Her healings are very effective and her very cheerful and supportive nature is the cherry on the cake that I loved also.

If you want to get to the next level in your life, don’t hesitate to work with Anne as she will not only heal you but be the best cheerleader you will ever have!

Sabrina Antou

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